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Growing up near New Orleans, Lauren quickly learned that no one is a stranger; her home has always had an open door. Her family would welcome in those in need and neighbors alike. For Lauren, this created a value of diversity and an understanding of humanity’s uniqueness. Because of this, she founded The Price Fund to honor and memorialize her grandfather who taught her how to love the world one relationship at a time.

Lauren’s mission is to instill hope and love among all people, no matter their background. She invests time into people and actively works to heal wounds and injustices experienced by others.

At its core, the Price Fund is designed to establish care for children, elderly, and those in need around the world through communal initiatives and outreach.

2021 Partnership

Kulture City

I met a friend in New Zealand who completely changed my perspective about what the possibilities could be for people attending my shows with disabilities. She told me how some people were in hospital beds in a sectioned area of the crowd at a particular festival I was playing. My mind exploded with ideas of how to expand her vision to make this kind of inclusivity available in the US. We partnered with KultureCity during the Lauren Daigle World Tour to begin taking a step toward making this idea a reality. We provided sensory bags on the concourse every night of the tour for those needing assistance due to PTSD, autism, and those with other sensory needs.

The final night of the tour, we opened the very first sensory room at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the folks that may need to take a moment from quite a stimulating environment to rest and reset before entering back into the fun! I’m so grateful to be a part of a mission that started long before me.

Thank you, KultureCity, Bridgestone Arena, and YOU for your incredible donations. You make things like this possible! In honor of my late New Zealand friend…

Kulture City

2021 Partnership

Love Does

We are thrilled to announce we are building a school in the Congo in partnership with Bob Goff’s Love Does Foundation!

The school will soon serve more than 300 kids in Goma, a city on the far east side of the Democratic Republic of Congo near the border of Rwanda. Goma is a conflict zone, the region has been unstable since the Kivu conflict, an armed conflict between the military and an armed rebel group, began in 2004.

Educating children living in conflict zones empowers them to break the cycle of war and build a culture of peace. Attending school restores normalcy, even in the midst of conflict, and helps to restore hope in these communities. Along with a quality education, students will be taught character development, peace building skills, conflict resolution and leadership.

I cannot wait to cheer these amazing students and staff in all they do!

Thank you again for your incredible gifts!!I am so thankful we all get to do this together!

Rebuilding the school

 Love Does Congo School Rebuild

The story behind the video

Hold On To Me

One of my favorite things about the “Hold On To Me” Music Video is that it doesn’t just stop at being a visually stunning piece. Each room is connected to a different charity that I’m so excited to be raising funds with over the next several months.

There are several rooms in the video that depict several circumstances that people walk through every day. We follow a couple through their everyday lives building a family, witnesses a man behind bars, observes three generations of women in a hospital tackling a health crisis, and watches a child stuck between their parents’ volatile relationship. In shedding light on these often-isolating experiences, the video for “Hold On To Me” embodies a message of hope that no one is alone in their struggles. 

All proceeds from this ongoing fundraiser will be divided evenly among the organizations to aid in their incredible work.

The Official Video

Hold On To Me

Special Partnership


Thanks to your incredible generosity, The Price Fund made a $170,000 gift to The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

GIVE YOURSELVES A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! This is amazing grant has been working to allow at-risk youth the opportunity to receive an excellent education. While NOCCA is tuition-free, there are costs associated with basic supplies, auditions, and travel.

The Price Fund covered ALL these costs for students from households with incomes at or below the poverty line or from families managing unexpected hardships. Help continue to support these incredible, deserving students as they pursue their passions by donating to The Price Fund!

The Price Fund covered ALL these costs for students from households with incomes at or below the poverty line or from families managing unexpected hardships. Help continue to support these incredible, deserving students as they pursue their passions by donating to The Price Fund!

Young Audiences of Louisiana Charter School

In our school teachers and administrators work to help every student to reach their greatest potential by providing a creative, nurturing, and challenging academic environment to equip them to take their place in today’s innovative and entrepreneurial economy.

Kid Smart

KidSmart engages children in dynamic, creative, and rigorous learning through arts integration in the classroom.

Ellis Marsalis Center

Located in the 9th ward, the Ellis Marsalis Center provides a safe, positive environment where underserved children and youth develop musically, academically and socially.

Roots of Music

The Roots of Music marching band empowers the youth of New Orleans through music education, academic support, and mentorship while preserving and promoting the unique musical and cultural heritage of the city.

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