Amazon Presents - Daigle Bites

Introducing: Daigle Bites Season 2

Posted On: 01.19.2022

“Daigle Bites” season 2 is a special audio journey hosted by Grammy award winning artist, Lauren Daigle. The multi-platinum selling singer is sitting down with some of her all-time heroes in different fields to answer her most fan-asked question: “What would Lauren Daigle be doing if she wasn’t pursuing music?”

Each compelling interview will explore the passion and purpose behind the guest’s start in their respective careers. Through stories of success, failure, challenges, and victories, you’ll walk away inspired to tap into the sense of childlike curiosity that urges us all to rediscover our dreams.

Special guests from this season include psychotherapist and New York Times-bestselling author Lori Gottlieb, Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, renowned author and podcaster Annie Downs, Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy, Netflix’s Big Flower Fight judge Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht, and more.

New episodes of “Daigle Bites” will drop every Wednesday, only on Amazon Music.